Work & Travel USA

Work & Travel is a cultural exchange program for students, formed with the objective to make it possible for students from around the world to spend their summer vacations in the USA, working and traveling.

The program has been approved by the US Government, has existed for several decades and has so far incorporated more than 150,000 students from the whole world. It gives an opportunity to individuals to show what they can do and prove their abilities in a milieu different from the one they grew up in. They can get to know America in realistic light, feel the way of living, make new friends and advance their English incredibly fast.

Generally, the program lasts 4+1 months. Your working permit lasts four months and the 5th month is left for traveling around the USA. You will have the opportunity to visit American and world centers of great fun and incredible sights such as New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington DC and San Francisco or enjoy the nature of the Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park, Arizona and many more.

The selection of jobs and destinations is wide, and you can choose whatever matches your preferences. You can also opt for either traveling to the States in groups or with your own friends, which makes this adventure even more interesting.

The most common destinations are Alaska, Washington, Martha’s Vineyard,New York, Miami, Ocean City, Virginia Beach and some others, and among the most frequently chosen jobs are posts of pool lifeguard, waiter, bartender, hotel housekeeper, and many more…